• 29 SEPTEMBER, 18:30
  • Warsaw, HubHub

Techspot pl: Software Architecture meetup

⭐ The most notable IT architecture event of September in Warsaw!

Speakers from Israel, Portugal, and Poland have shared modern practices and insides on architectural approaches & systems engineering.


18:30 – 19:00
✨ Doors open. Snacks, drinks, rock'n'roll!
19:00 – 19:45
Balancing Coupling in Software Design
Vlad Khononov
Software Architect, O'Reilly Author and Trainer
We are used to treating coupling as the necessary evil. Hence, we aim to break systems apart into the smallest services possible, in the ever-lasting quest of decoupling everything. But what results are we getting by following this reasoning? — Instead of the promised land of evolvable systems, many such “decouple everything” endeavors lead straight into the chains of distributed monoliths. Can we do better? What if there is a better way to handle coupling in distributed systems? Or even, what if instead of fighting coupling, we can use it as a heuristic for designing systems that are actually evolvable and maintainable? That’s exactly what you will learn in this session: what coupling is, and how you can use it as a design tool. We will start by taking a journey through time, and explore the different models of evaluating coupling. Next, we will combine the existing knowledge into a coherent model — a simple function for evaluating a system’s decomposition into components. This function will allow you to assess the expected effort for evolving a system and use it as a heuristic for optimizing architectural design decisions.

☕ Coffee/Beer Break
20:00 – 20:45
Architecture behind Flexible Domain
Sergey Truhtanov, Software Engineer @Fibery
Most business applications have some defined Domain, they provide a set of Domain Entities to work with and api for them. What if we want to make an application where the user defines the domain himself?
In this talk Sergey will talk about the tech design phase of Fibery (work management tool with flexible domain inside). Which tech decisions worked well, which not so well. What is the architecture behind Fibery right now and how various system components are linked together.
☕ Coffee/Beer Break
21:00 – 21:45
The Next Big Thing In Architecture Domain
Ivan Padabed, Director Platform Architecture @‌PandaDoc
Ivan will share his thoughts on how IT/Software Architecture work will be transforming in the near future. His previous predictions of Platform Engineering trend growth were surprisingly accurate, by the way 😉
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