• December 1, 18:30
  • Warsaw, Brain Embassy Czackiego

Inside Game architecture

Dive into the heart of gaming's digital realm:
  • the architecture of game engines
  • the processes that underlie the visual side
  • the execution of physics principles


18:30 – 19:00
πŸ‘Ύ Doors open. Snacks, drinks, rock'n'roll!
19:00 – 19:35
What is a game engine, anyway?

Anton Zhuravsky, Co-founder, On The Spot

In his talk, Anton will overview the main components of modern game engines for 2D/3D games targeting consoles, PCs, or mobile devices – think Unity, Unreal, and the like.

The keynote is supposed to set straight functionality, processes, and requirements behind the game engines of nowadays.
19:35 – 20:20
Rendering: Everything is a triangle
Alexey Makeev, Game Engine Developer, Unity
The rendering engine is the same rabbit hole of math and physics, yet it's a journey that yields tangible, visible results. Let's unravel its mysteries!

Following this talk, you'll acquire a deep comprehension of the technical concepts shaping the visual aspects of games. Discover how these visual elements are constructed step-by-step, the data that fuels them, and the context in which they spring to life.
β˜• Coffee/Beer Break
20:40 – 21:30
Forget about Newton’s bullsh*t

Vladimir Tikhonov, Physics Magician, Unity

While the game world may be a construct of imagination, its physics engine serves as the backbone, infusing it with a semblance of reality.

In this talk, we'll demystify the integration of physics engines into games, shedding light on the essential components that breathe life into the virtual environment. From collisions to gravity, we'll explore how these engines simulate the laws of physics within a realm governed by its own set of rules.

✨ Afterparty
Calling all Developers, GameDev industry specialists, and tech people from any field interested in the technical side of games.
In the end, everyone plays games!
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