• March 22, 19:00
  • Brain Embassy

Cloud Computing Showdown:
AWS | Azure | GCP

Let's explore the latest trends in cloud computing, including virtual machines, serverless, and edge computing. We'll dive deep how they're reshaping the cloud landscape, helping you choose the best solutions for your needs.

Speakers & Moderator

  • Anton Zhuravsky


    The creator, the program committee, and the almighty moderator

    On The Spot

  • Hanna Novikava


    Lead DevOps Engineer


  • Kiryl Surahatau


    Head of JS Department


  • Aliaksei Ambrushkevich





18:30 – 19:00
✨ Doors open, knowledge flows!
19:00 – 19:45
Google Cloud Virtual Machines
Hanna Novikava | DevOps Lead, Intergiro
Are you confident you know everything about Google Cloud Virtual Machines? I'm sure you aren't 😉 Prepare to deepen your understanding.

At this talk we’ll discuss
  • cloud computing infrastructure,
  • the fundamental aspects and features of GCE,
  • the range of VM configurations, their suitability for various workloads, technical capabilities, and operational benefits.
We’ll check features like encryption at rest and in transit, network bandwidth, etc.

Last but not least – we'll uncover the economic advantages of GCP VMs, including flexible pricing models like pay-as-you-go and sustained use discounts, alongside other optimization strategies and tools at your disposal.

19:45 – 20:00
☘️ Coffee, Beer, Networking
20:00 – 20:45
Azure Serverless
Aliaksei Ambrushkevich | Platform Engineer, Haleon
At this talk we'll dive into the realm of Azure Serverless.
We'll discover the capabilities of Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Web jobs uncovering their transformative potential.

We'll examine how
  • Azure Functions streamline code execution,
  • Logic Apps automate workflows,
  • and Webjobs handle background tasks seamlessly.
But that's not all. We'll learn how Azure helps to harness each service effectively, empowering your cloud computing journey with unparalleled scalability, agility, and minimal infrastructure management.
☘️ Coffee, Beer, Networking
21:00 – 21:45
Edge Compute on AWS
Kiryl Surahatau | Head of JS, Oxagile
Have you ever thought about what "Edge compute" means? Is that a new buzzword or something that our future relies on? Was this even a thing in pre-cloud era?

Kiryl is going to uncover its significance alongside take a look at AWS's toolkit for edge computing including:
- AWS Wavelength
- AWS Snow Family
- AWS Outposts
- Lambdas @ Edge & Cloudfront functions
- and many more

After this talk, you'll be equipped with knowledge to explore this field, together with the insights about available services, to be ready to delve into edge computing products
21:45 - 00:00
🔥 Afterparty
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